The BJP leader‘s wife was running sex racket in a hotel and when the police raided her hotel. They caught 4 women with 6 staff members and a Bangladeshi woman and got them out there.

Police raid on the running sex racket

Sex Racket

At Thane, Mumbai, a Manav Rodhi cell of the police raided the Relax Hotel & Garden at Kalyan on Wednesday night, based on the secret information, in which they has caught many people.

Sex Racket

The people caught by the police include the hotel manager Harishchandra Shetty, the hotel’s cashier Rahul Dutt, along with three waiters. All of them have been sent to police custody for 3 days and police are now looking for evidence for this case.

Police said that this hotel belongs to the BJP leader’s wife

They has got a valid passport and visa from the Bangladeshi woman. Also in the connection with this case the senior police inspector Ravindra Rachar of Manav Rodhi cell said that this hotel belong to the BJP leader’s wife. And they were called for the next action. They will also be questioned.

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Sex Racket

Here the BJP leader says that his wife had rented this hotel on a condition. The condition was that if there is any wrong or illegal work done in that hotel, then tenant will be responsible nor the owner of the hotel. They believe that they are being entangled.

Narendra Modi

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The police said that there may be more women in hotel who were being used to run the racket. Police are now investigating this. Even before this, many BJP ministers have come out with crimes like sex racket. This is spoiling the party’s image day by day.