If someone tells you that the height of a woman decreases every year, then you will hardly believe in that matter. Because after the age of the child there is no question of increasing the ceiling. But a woman in UP causes her continuously decreasing stature Is in discussion with The news is that the Women Height Decreased From 5 Feet To 2 Feet In 25 Years. Yes .. If this is the latest story, it is absolutely true. Now you may want to know how it is magic .. So learn to read our special report.

Women Height Decreased How

Shanti Devi of Dharu village of Kanpur in UP remains a center for discussion. Sometimes the length of the five feet of Shanti Devi is just two feet away … And now 60 years of peace, Devi does not walk again. Even after running a disease like that, even after running the doctors’ rate, there was no problem. On one side treatment continued on the other side. He lies on the henchair of the little children. All his needs are fulfilled only after croaking. This is due to him being a strange disease.

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The unique disease, which has no cure after the accident

25 years ago an accident became a problem for Shanti Devi. After recovering the wounds of the accident, the shrine returned from the hospital suddenly started decreasing. Like the rest of the house, Shanti Devi was also helping. During this time, one of the roofs of the roof came up again and the entire roof fell on Shanti Devi. He was badly injured. The husband Gangancharan Kushwaha and others took the hospital. After a few days, he brought him home. After the treatment, Shanti Devi was right but after 3 months of the accident, his bones started to get hurt. Then gradually the demise of Shanti Devi started. The half-feet By the time the length had decreased, then the families showed Shanti Devi to many physicians but it did not work and their length reduced only two feet to decreasing.

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