Dead People Party

Different types of human civilizations are found in different parts of this world, which have their own beliefs and traditions. And there is such a thing in this world where no one dies. A Place In The World, Where Dead People Party Know Shocking. Yes, yes, you may find it hard to believe It must have been so that we tell you that this is the case.

Where Dead People Party Know Shocking Truth of That Place

Dead People Party

Indeed, there is a community in Indonesia that keeps their families, ancestors alive by their strange tradition, and also joins them on every festival festival. Before you get confused, read this special article.

Celebrate life with dead relatives

This strange tradition is of Indonesia. Here people of the Teorajan community celebrate their festivals every year. In this, they take away dead bodies of their relatives, their relatives from their graves. They wash their clothes and wear new clothes and decorate them and then they are taken out as a procession in the entire village. On this occasion, All the hobbies also serve as cigarettes and other things. In a way they do not consider their dead relatives dead and they celebrate this festival with them.

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Celebrate for happiness, prosperity

Local people believe that this festival is a celebration of life.By praising it, your great connections are set up with the dead. They additionally trust that at whatever point they deal with the dead, the dead give them endowments. This strange traditional festival is celebrated on a large scale. The thought behind praising this is regarding the demise of the expired, great reap will come and that year will spread joy and flourishing.

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Not only that, before burial, some people keep the dead bodies of their loved ones in their houses for a long time. These people regard their kin to be alive forever .. In practice, only relatives can die, but they celebrate this festival to keep them alive in their hearts and lives.

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