Dangal‘ has been completed in Hong Kong for four weeks. The film has earned Rs 21 crore. Dangle Become biggest hit Indian movie. This big hit of Indian cinema is still expected from there. This amount is going to increase in the fifth week.

In Hong Kong Dangle Become Biggest Hit Indian Movie

Dangle Become biggest hit Indian movie

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In Hong Kong, this film has been followed by ‘PK‘. Now it’s the biggest hit of Indian film. Let China’s contribution to the total earnings of ‘Dangle‘ show. Aamir Khan’s film has spent more than 55 days in cinemas in China.

In China itself, its earnings crossed 1050 million. It has received 42 crores from Taiwan. If the earnings from other countries are also added then the figure will be Rs 1480 crores. In India, it earned Rs 387.39 crores. Thus, its total earnings is Rs 1893 crores.

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It became the first Indian film to earn more than Rs.1000 crores abroad. Aamir’s film has earned more than the Indian box office in China.Well, ‘Dangle’ has opened new ways for the Indian film industry in China. On May 5, it was released on 7000 screens in China.

In the second week, how much benefit does this movie get, it will be worth seeing. Before that, there has been no such figures from any Hindi movie from Hong Kong.
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