Terrorist Can Steel Pakistan's nuclear weapons

Terrorist Can Steel Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, 9 places hide in place, Pakistan has nuclear weapons of low-range Pakistan to face hiding place in 9 places.

Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are threatening terrorism. According to the latest report by the Federation of American Scientist (FAS), Pakistan has kept its nuclear weapons hidden in 9 different places of the country, which is threatening theft by terrorists. However, Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi claimed to be safe from all nuclear weapons.

Terrorist Can Steel Pakistan's nuclear weapons

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi had made big statements about India’s “cold-start” theory last week. He had said that his country is ready to face India’scold start‘. To face the Indian Army, Pakistan has low-range nuclear weapons. The Pakistani Prime Minister says that nuclear weapons are completely safe.

Terrorist Can Steel Pakistan’s nuclear weapons

He said that with these weapons, Pakistan is ready to answer India’s ‘cold start’ as well as respond to each of its steps. Explain that ‘cold start’ is the theory that India is adopting in view of the war with Pakistan.Hans Kristensen, a US-based nuclear weapon expert and co-writer of this report, said, “These weapons of Pakistan are kept near nuclear fishermen base.” These bands are capable of launching nuclear weapons.

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According to the report, Pakistan is preparing the base of sub-strategic nuclear weapons in the short range to face India. These weapons will be sent to the first regional storage, which will be assembled and stored in the storage base. Christensen said, “In the first battle, low-range weapons were used. In the context of India’s war threat, Pakistan would have to send such weapons in the beginning. Doing so would increase the crisis.”

According to the FAS report, Islamabad is increasing its nuclear powers in a very rapid and quantitative way. They are store in big intelligence. So it is not easy to find out about the location of these weapons. Let us state that the US President Donald Trump’s administration had said in the past that the US is concerned about developing strategic nuclear weapons at the present time. They are specially being prepared for war.