Katrina Is Dating This Celebrity

Katrina Is Dating This Celebrity you will shock by knowing his name. Whenever talking about the children of the big house, their perverse and arrogant image arises in our mind. But if it is talked about Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest and famous industrialist, he has a different identity. There are hardly anyone in the country and abroad who do not know them. Mukesh Ambani’s name is one of India’s famous industrialists.

Despite being so rich and successful, he is a very humble and landed person. Not only Mukesh Ambani, but his son Akash Ambani also has the same qualities. Seeing his simplicity and ritual, nobody will say that he has been raised in such a big family. Like his father, the sky is very simple and quiet mood. But today you will be surprised by reading the news that we are going to give you. After this you will say that despite being so cool, the sky has hit six straight in Bollywood. He stole the heart of an Bollywood actress for which millions of people crave. Let’s tell you the whole matter.

Katrina Is Dating This Celebrity

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According to sources, there is something special between Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani and Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. This news is being very viral on social media. Let us tell you that recently Katrina Kaif has been broken. After living with Ranbir Kapoor for six years, Katrina had a breakup with him. Now it is obvious that it is shameful to feel lonely for many years to live with someone. So now Katrina has started spending time with Akash Ambani to overcome her loneliness.

Last year, Katrina and Akash had also celebrated Diwali, after which both of them were on social media. But recently both have been seen together again. If you think of sources, then both are dating each other.

Cricket is the hobby

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The good rites of the sky show their good upbringing. Despite being the son of such a large industrialist, he never misused it. At the time of school, the sky went to school with public transport without leaving a luxury car. For school, she got only 5 rupees from mother Nita Ambani everyday. Akash was very fond of cricket since childhood and because of this we often see him in his IPL with his mother.