If you are using Uber Cab to come anywhere, the news of the closure is going on now, Transport London (TFL), London’s Transport Operator, Refuses to do so, now Uber Not Going To Serve Anymore in London this month.Uber Is Not Going To Able To Serve Anymore

Why Uber Not Going To Serve Anymore

Serve Anymore

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According to the report, it is being said that according to London Transport ,Transport for London, the public transport network and companies operating. The taxis have not been fit to continue their licenses, and it is being said that public safety. There is also a case of negligence with the reduction in the driver’s background and their criminal records.

Uber Not Going To Serve Anymore

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This is a huge threat to the company because now about 40 thousand drivers in Uber’s London will be unemployed. If this happens then the business of the company and the place will also be affected, it is being said that in many places in India. The above cases have been registered.