Top Female Gangster

Today you are going to tell about the world’s infamous Lady Gangster. This lady gangsters is involved in criminals who are doing drugs, smuggling.Here we will talk about Top Female Gangster of world.

These Are Top Female Gangster

Sandra Avila Beltran

Sandra Avila Beltran, a resident of Mexico, is one of the largest drug mafia. Evil has fond of himself as “The Queen of Pacific”.

Claudia Ochoa

Because of their beauty Claudia Ochao is called Kim Kardashin of the World of Criminal Crime. Claudia 2014 was in news for the first time. He was considered the head of the criminal organization Los Entrex, which is accused of having many murders in Mexico. Claudia is believed to be the world’s most powerful drug trafficking.


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Judy Moran, who is related to Australia’s famous Moran family, is a threat to the criminals there. Her husband killed in the war of gangster in 1982, while in 2000, her sons have also killed. Judy sentenced to 26 years in jail for several murders, which is now punished.


Thelma’s husband Jackie Wright was the biggest name of drug trafficking in Philadelphia, who killed in a gang war in 1986. After the husband’s murder, Thelma himself took charge of drug trafficking and in a few days he got his coin in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

These Heroins Ruled On The World Of Crime

Maria Leone

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In addition to meeting 13 children, Maria Leone has established a big name in the world of drug smuggling and crime. Many cases are going on against Maria, including human trafficking in Mexico and the killing of many people.


Lisiardi’s name is also taken in the world’s 10 most dangerous Lady Gangsters. Prior to his arrest in 2001, he has ruled the world of crime in Northern Nepali.

Rosetta Cuotlo

Rosetta Cuotlo is the sister of the world’s drug mafia. His brother Rafael Cuittono was a drug addict, but because of his jail, there was no one to see his business, so Ceetolo became the leader of his gang himself to organize brother’s business.

Anna Gristiana

Anna Gristiana involved in many crimes including body trade. 2011, there were two customers associate with body trade who came to the spy camera but did not know anything about it. What happened after that destroyed the life of Gristiana. Both of these officers were the officers of the New York Police who arrested all of their records by recording their scandal in the camera and arresting Gristiana.