consecutive days

Due to frequent festivals, there will be many days of holiday in the banks. This time the bank will close for 4 consecutive days. So, you have to deal with the problem quickly, or you will have to face trouble. If there is a need for cache due to frequent festivals, then first complete your work. Banks will be closed for 4 days from 29 September to 2 October.

Bank will be closed for 4 consecutive days

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If you have to deposit checks in the bank, make a draft, deposit or withdraw money, then you have to take care of these dates. If you have to go bank to deposit cash in banks, open new accounts, make –FD, then take special care of the dates given below. At these dates you will not be able to deal with the bank’s performance.

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To avoid trouble, take money from the ATM as people will stay at the trust of ATM due to 4 days continuous leave in banks. Due to continuous bank lock, there may be a cash shortage at the ATM. Because we often see continuously during the holiday, the ATMs also get vacant from the cash on the last day. However, banking officers have assured that there will be no shortage of cash in the ATM.

On September 23-24, the bank also closed-
Apart from this, the bank will also close on the coming September 23 and September. On September 23, the fourth Saturday of the month and Sundays on September 24 will leave the banks.