Marriages Records

Well, many people have heard about the fact that they have 2 marriages. But a man broke the Marriages Records. At the age of 58, this man has 120 marriages. This person named Tamban Presse is the head of the Fronni district of Thailand’s Nakok Naik province, which is about 90 km from the capital Bangkok. What is shocking is that all women know about each other and there is no problem with anybody.

This Man Made Most Marriages Records

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There is a ban on polygamy in Thailand, but here there are 120 wives and 28 children. After the news came in the local media, the man believed that he had illegally made more than 100 marriages. When the media asked the truth about the news of more than 100 wives, Tamban said, “Yes, I have 120 wives and 28 sons and daughters.”

Marriages Records
Tamban said, “When I was 17, my first marriage was then. My wife was two years younger than me and we both had 3 children. After that, many of my women got connected to the wire. Most of these were young and all were up to the age of 20. I do not like old women because they argue very much. ‘

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Tamban said, ‘I am a builder, wherever there was a house, there was a wife. I love them all and they all love me too. ‘Where did they go with a new wife in the house? Of these 22 wives remain in the frozen district around their home, while others live in other places in Thailand.