Women attention

All men want to attract attention to women. All men want women’s attention But they remain in this upside down that the woman in front of her likes it or not.Everyone Wants Women attention. But women give you many signs. From which you can find out whether he likes you or not. Let us solve your confusion.

Why Everyone Wants Women attention

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Fingers in the hair twisting-
If a girl or woman sees you in your hair, then it means that she wants your attention. Also, there is a desire to get closer to you. He likes you and wants you to talk about him, praise him. If you do, you will make your place in the heart of that girl or woman.

Watch the clock during
If a girl sees you repeatedly during conversation, it means that she is not interested in your things and she is getting bored with your words. It can also mean clearly that he is in a hurry and he has to go somewhere. If you want him not to run away from you, then immediately put the flowerstop on your talk.

Eyes in eyes
If a girl puts you in your eyes while talking with you in your eyes, it means she loves you. Your partner believes in you completely. She wants to increase love relationship with you. He is completely confident about the relationship with you. If he looks at you during the conversation and bowed his eyes then understand that he is attracted to you and hopes to get you the same attention from you.

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Change your position over and over again
If he changes his position repeatedly after sitting, it means that there is a lack of confidence in him. Or it may also be that she is uncomfortable in front of you. This means that he is confused about your relationship or is in a dilemma.