Daily drinkers, please note! Even though alcohol may get a little time and happiness may be pleasant in the evening, but the overall drinkers get the same happiness as the people who do not drink it. Happiness is far away, those who get addicted to alcohol are less satisfy with life. An interesting survey has revealed this. Researchers at the University of Kent say that this means that drinking alcohol can bring some happiness, but it is not a key to long-term happiness.These are the People Never Satisfies.

Why They People Never Satisfies

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The findings of this research have shown that drinking excessively does not make people happy with their life. Rather, on the contrary, those who get addicted to drinking less satisfy with their lives. Researchers found that after making long-lasting studies, there is no change in life due to the increased use of alcohol.

People Never Satisfies
This research is published in the journal Social Science and Medicine. Researchers tried to find out through the study of the iPhone based app and traditional crew that the effect of alcohol affects the level of happiness in life.

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Never Satisfies

“This research is indicating to the policy makers that they can look at the scale of happiness in analyzing the cost-benefit analysis of alcohol regulation,” says Ben Bobberg Ginger, a social policy expert at Kent University. Can make better decisions about who will benefit people and who will not.