Kapil Sharma Fight

Now Kapil Sharma Fight with Sidhu Paji, a Comedy Show in Action ! – Today Indians | www.todayindians.com

Kapil Sharma Fight – Today Indians | www.todayindians.com

There was a time when the mood was bad and we want to pass the time, then we used to see Kapil Sharma Comedy Show. But now look at the show, it seems like it’s all about passing time. Comedy disappeared from the show like horns from the head of the ass … Kapil’s show is now just a comedy filled with the name, now the action has started to appear more in it.

Kapil’s fight in the flight was well-known with Dr. Gulati. After that Chandu was seen selling tea for other programs. However, they did not make tea there and they came back to Kapil’s show. Now it seemed that the show would be back, but Sidhu was angry.

Here The Reason, Why did Sidhu Paaji get angry?

Kapil Sharma Fight

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It is learned that Sidhu’s health was a bit unheard of, he was unable to come to the show’s shoot, in his absence, Kapil invited Archana Puran Singh to sit on the judge’s chair. According to media reports, Sidhu Paaji did not like this thing at all. He told Kapil the true falsehood for this. Tension increased so much that Kapil had to refrain Archana Puran Singh, and Then Archna was also got sad.

Kapil’s speed was the fastest among those who ran on the comedy carpet, Kapil did not do anything else in the world of comedy. Hardly any comedian would have achieved so much progress in history, but Kapil, as fast as he reached the heights, is seen as fast as slipping down.