first helicopter taxi service

Helicopter Taxi Service

Helicopter Taxi Service

‘Helicopter Taxi’ will now walk you directly to Heaven. This taxi will land on the roof of your house, will pick you up and bring it to a desired place. It sounds awkward in hearing. But the thing is right. Its biggest and most important thing is that the traveler will be able to complete the 2-hour journey in just 15 minutes.

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If you are afraid to leave home due to traffic, then you will get rid of this fear soon. These helicopters fly at the height of 5000 feet from the ground. Given the problem of traffic, a Bangalore-based company has decided to run the helicopter taxi service.

First Helicopter Taxi Service

A company named Thambi Aviation has decided to do this work in partnership with Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL). This service will be started from ‘Kampegauda International Airport’. However, what rent will be kept for this service, it has not been disclosed.

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There are about 90 helipads in Bengaluru, which have not been used till date. From this service where the helipad will be used, it can also land on the buildings. The government is planning to construct helipads on buildings. Looking at this plan, it seems that soon the app like helicopter taxi will be in our phone and the taxis coming to the gate will now come to the roof of the house.

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