13 Wives

A man makes a world record ! If the sources are true, here is a man from Nigeria who is married to the 13 ladies or we can say that a man with 13 wives as shown in picture are happily living together. The surprising thing is that all of 13 Wives of this man are ‘Pregnant.’ You will be shocked to hear that these 13 wives are Pregnant at the same time, Sources said. More surprising thing is that the difference between each pregnancy spans should be from 3-5 weeks.

Every women is extremely happy about their pregnancy at same time and they are living together very friendly. Although they say this is legal in their country but if the reports are true then this is the first man who have all his 13 wives pregnant at same time.

Its True or not, although the room where this picture is clicked is looking like an studio and the similar in which all women are standing as well dressed and make-up it seems only its just a photo shoot.

So, its true or just a photo shoot or we can say that this may be one of crazy online prank….