Freedom 251

Riging Bells an Indian company, which claims to making world’s Cheapest phone, priced at just Rs 251. Ringing Bells Freedom 251, the world’s cheapest smartphone Will now available only to the Lucky Draw Winnners, the delivery of this Cheapest Smartphone will starts from June 30.

CEO Mohit Goel said,

We have got over 2.8 crore registrations from UP and close to 2 crore from Bihar,

Mohit Goel, CEO of Ringing Bells also claims the company has received a total of 7.5 crore registrations from across India. While Explaining how the lucky draw Contest will work, Mohit Goel said,

We will give away 10,000 units in every state. We decided to hold a lucky draw because many people had registered for multiple phones. We want to bring it down to one phone per person.

Freedom 251

Ringing Bells plans to use a software for the draw, as many people have registered for multiple phones. For explaining how this software will work, CEO Mohit Goel said,

The software will ensure one email ID will receive just one phone.

He also said, “We have faced a lot of criticism and even had an FIR filed against us. We’ve been patient and taken it in our stride, and finally the phone is ready to be shipped”.

While the Rs 251 World’s Cheapest Smartphone still feels like a scam, even if Ringing Bells manages to deliver on its promise, it will still leave many of the customers unsatisfied. A another surprising thing is that Ringing Bells did not stop the registration after it had reached a pre-determined number of customers, to whom it could deliver the smartphone.