Rohingya Muslims

Rohingya Muslims have to go through the affidavit the Supreme Court, they involved in anti-nation protests .The central government filed 18-page affidavit in the Supreme Court on Monday in order to expel Rohingya Muslims out . In this, the government termed these Rohingya Muslims indulged in anti-national objections.

Affidavit of government that people living in different parts of the country also involved in human trafficking. In such a way, illegal immigration of 40 thousand Rohingya Muslims entering India through the Indo-Myanmar border is a major threat to India’s security, as many of these people are associated with Pakistani terrorist organizations. The Supreme Court has postponed matter till October 3 .

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Rohingya Muslims will have to go through the affidavit in the Supreme Court

Rohingya Muslims

7000 Rohingya Muslims of Jammu Kashmir appealed to Supreme Court while filing a petition, that decision of Modi Government should ban, in which Rohingya engaged in practice of sending refugees back to Myanmar. Before hearing The Supreme Court on Monday.

The Central Government filed an affidavit in connection with these Rohingya Muslims. The government said in the affidavit that illegal Rohingya refugees not  allowed to stay in the country. In the affidavit, the government has made it clear that such Rohingya refugees who do not have UN documents, they have to go from India.

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It has been said that these Rohingya Muslims living illegally in India are involved in anti-India objections. Many of these people work for Pakistan-funded terrorist organizations. In such a situation, staying here is a threat to India’s security. In this 18-page affidavit, the government has said that many of these people are involved in human trafficking business.

On the basis of information received from intelligence agencies, it may be very harmful to provide asylum in India. According to the Central Government, about 40 thousand Rohingya have entered India through the Indo-Myanmar border. Most of them are living in the Mewat area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, Delhi and Haryana.

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Letting these people stay like this will be a big challenge for the security of the country. In such a situation. The Indian government has requested the Myanmar government to call back its people and ensure their safety.