Normal Man

Normal Man, color is also a breeze. But crazyness is such that your senses become fractured. Japan’s Takanobu Nishimoto is neither an actor, nor a leader nor any record of his name is recorded. Nevertheless, girls and women are unemployed to meet them.

Normal Man Girls Are Fans

Normal Man

Nishimotu with a soft look Why so famous?The reason behind the soaking of the soft-eyed takanobu nishimotu is due to the osmotu. Now you must have started scavenging the head with the ocean. In fact, ocean in Japan is those who can be called on rent. The people of 45-55 year old Oscars are encouraged by calling them on rent. Do not think of the words of your mind in the name of the mind, it only talks. Based on this condition, they reach someone’s call.500 rupees per hour charge

Normal Man

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Although Tacanobu Nishimotu did a lot of work in America and Japan, the real turning point in his life came when he started this work 4-5 years ago. Today the number of people who work with them is 60. And before calling them, booking has to be done. 1,000 Japanese yen per hour, that means 500 rupees per hour.By calling, what do people do?

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Takanobu Nishimotu comes to the people’s house and listens to them, their art makes them popular. Nishimottu listens to the people of Iminan, and they give advice to them only on the basis of the difficulties. Gradually Nishimotu has been in Japan all over. Those who talk to them are only girls.