children failed

All the problems of life on one side and children’s ‘burden of learning’ on one side Every child does not want to carry a ‘heavy‘ bag from a young age. Under this burden, many children also become victims of mental imbalance. At the same time, some children are afraid of studies. The teacher’s mantle in class and the pressure of parents and parents to come home. Perhaps for this reason, two children failed in 10th living in Haridwar locked themselves in the room for 4 years.

Even after explaining lakhs, these children were not getting out of the room. Even the police had to come to get them out of the room. Yet these children failed in 10th locked themselves on their insistence.Eat food in the room only

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Both of these children belong to an engineer living in Haridwar. Parents of children failed say that they do not want to study, stressed, then locked themselves in the room. Both eat only in the room asking for food. They wake up at night and sleep in the day.

When the police team investigated, the parents told that both of them did not want to study. Because of which both of them locked themselves in the room. He told that since December 2013, brothers and sisters live alone in the room. When hungry, call the mother and ask for food. The room has toilet and bathroom attached.

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The police team asked both the siblings to open the door, but they did not open the door. When the police warned of breaking the door, they opened the door. The police team was stunned by seeing both of them. The team found that the nails and hair of the brother and sister grew. Hair and nails are extremely dirty. Both were not bath for a long time.

Seeing this shocking story, those brothers and sisters have been instructed to live with their parents.