Every person excited for their graduation ceremonies. When his graduation is complete and when he admits that graduation ceremonies. People do not know what to prepare for this special day. For which you have to complete several degrees or diploma, then involved in the ‘Graduate Class‘. But America has such a hospital where child gets Graduate as soon as they are born.

Black hat on head and child gets Graduate

child gets Graduate

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There is a hospital in America where the Graduation Ceremonies are organized for the newborn children. Where a lot of dance is performe and all the people of the hospital gather in one place and celebrate graduation ceremonies with a newborn child.

Living in an ICU at such a youthful age resembles a Nightmare. The child does not know that he is fighting life and death but his parents know very well what is the condition of the child in the ICU.

child gets Graduate

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In order to take this fear out of the parents and make it happy, this hospital keeps a graduation ceremony of newborn child gets Graduate and celebrates the child’s new life while dancing and singing the new life of the child happily.

Seeing this, there is no room for happiness in the hospital and other children whose parents are in ICU. Graduation Ceremonies begun by a medical attendant when a youngster is in the ICU for half a month and when the ICU turned out, all the staff introduce in the hospital also organize Graduation Ceremonies and a good idea to celebrate the lives of children.