Vegetarian crocodile

It says that according to the person in which the person lives, he shifts himself. There is some difficulty in digesting these things about animals. Because their assembling is done in a different way from the top, the tongue of the dangerously dangerous animal does not hide by looking at human food. But in this world there are such vegetarian crocodile that there is no account except meat offerings, temple offerings.

Vegetarian crocodile

The crocodile of the name of the Babbia is kept in the Lake Temple of Anantpura in Kerala. The bonds of Babia are not far from non-wage. These crocodiles eat only and only rice and jaggery which is a temple offering. It is not that meat does not cost the cost of baba. There are many fishes in the lake that is in the pond. But with the vegetarian crocodiles, they feel very comfortable and without any tension, Babu continues to revolve around him.

It is Not Only Vegetarian Crocodile

Unlike the laws of nature, how can a crocodile be so sacrament, people from all over the world come to see Baba’s vision. The banian’s routine is absolutely fixed. After the worship of the day the offerings are prepared for Babia and fed. In the mouth of the seed, direct offerings are put in the mouth.

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Vegetarian crocodile

Baba is not such a crocodile in this lake alone. It has been here since the last 100 years. Whatever crocodile comes in this pond of the temple courtyard, it remains avoided by such a meat fish.

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There is another shocking thing and it is No one knows where the crocodile comes from the pond. Neither there is any river around the temple nor any lake. Just one goes and the other comes. By the way, there are many miracles in the world, but these habits are absolutely Vegetarian.