demanding kidney

In love often the lover must be seen selling kidneys. Many people make mistakes by doing this when meeting girlfriends meet. Some people resort to this creepy step to fulfill the hobby of the iPhone. But the only husband of the world, who has published an advertisement on large pages to sell kidney for his infidel and divorced wife. Posters are put in place. Just a few years ago, her wife had left her, but she still had her own wife bewitha love.Now She Is demanding kidney indirectly.

Seeing his posters turned viral on social media. People gave different responses after seeing the poster Someone learned to encourage him, then someone said that if he really wants to sell kidneys, then sell him. But Facebook was on the target of infidelity wife users.

demanding kidney

Why Is She Demanding Kidney


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The name of this person is Prakash Ahirwar, who is a plumber and a resident of Madhya Pradesh. In the past, Prakash has traded the place of selling Kidney in place. In 2002, Prakash was married to an 8th passe


d girl. Whose name was Vidisha. Prakash was ungrateful love for his wife. For this reason, Prakash continued his studies on his statement. He spent a lot of money in his studies. Prakash helped in the study of his wife’s BA, Computer and B.Ed. But as soon as the job of a lady started, she left the light.

After compromising his wife in2015 demanded a divorce In this, he had appealed that “on the order of the court, he has to pay his wife a monthly allowance of 2200 rupees per month, but his farmer’s condition is not such that he can give this amount, so he has to sell his kidneys.”demanding kidney

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Prakash told the media that his wife earns him many times more than him. Finding a salary in a private institution while working. Apart from this, there is also income from home renting and coaching. Despite this, it has to be paid alimony. While she is unemployed. Where did he come from the rupees? Although he says that he is fully prepared to accept the order of the court. He is selling kidneys to arrange rupees