Many actors in Bollywood have also been fattofit.There are also some fit to fat. But seeing the body transformation of this woman living in Texas, everyone is amazed how she achieved such a huge achievement. How a heavy 453 kg woman has grown to 91 kg in 2 b.

Transformation Of 453 kg Woman Into 91 kg

The weight of Myra was 453 kg woman. Rosales said that I was dying. “My old pictures show clearly that I had lost my desire to live. I was alive, but just as a corpse, I decided that now to make myself better, I have to be strong “.

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Myra started its transformation in 2008. She has lost 363 kg after special diet and several surgeries. Although many parts of Myra’s body still swollen, but they say that most of her diseases and problems ended. Myra said that I do not have any serious problems like Diabetes High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol. This is like a new life for me.Living normal life453 kg woman


People said that Myra had killed her two-year-old nephew under her body and smiled. However, this was not true and Mayra was doing this to save her sister Jamie. Jamie had hit a hairbrush in the head of this 2yearold child.

Jamie accepted her crime and sentenced to 15 years. The taunt of people brought changes in the life of Myra. She got very strong from this incident and Mairea decide to lose weight. The result was absolutely positive.

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453 kg woman

Now Mayra weighs 91 kg. Which is much less than before. Mayra may is living a normal life, but in the worst phase she was in many troubles.