Real Gold Lake

There are many mysteries in the world that have not even been in front of the world. Tales from kings and queen’s stories to the cellar are such that when it comes to the world, it becomes difficult for people to believe Real Gold Lake. There is a lot of dust on the same area on Columbia’s land. Knowing that people’s eyes were torn off One area was filled with gold. All of it was that there was gold in the soil here. Here the king used to take bath with gold.Know about Real Gold Lake

Real Gold Lake In Colombia

In Colombia there is a place named El Dorda . There was gold in the soil here too. People living in this area used to follow non-peasant rituals to choose their king. Under the ritual, he used to be a king who used to bring Guatavita to the lake. She stripped of her clothes there and her body was rubbed on their body. All gold was also loaded together. People used to throw gold in the river when the men used to bathed in the middle of the river. Due to this, many tonnes of gold has been suppressed in this lake.
Many have reached the lake of gold.

Real Gold Lake

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The property here has now become a treasure haul. Many people sacrificed in the search for whom. But greed is such that people are still engage in trying to find this treasure. So Many campaigns are still running to find out this treasure of El Dorado. Many people reached Guatavita Lake while doing this search.

Many people were successful in extracting gold from the lake. This success enhanced the madness of people towards the cost of El Dorado’s treasury. Despite getting gold, people loose their lives in search of La Dorado.