India's Luxury Train

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone of the bullet train project in India along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. There is a lot of buzz in the bullet train these days, but do you know there is such a India’s Luxury Train in India, even if the bullet train is not as fast, but it is far ahead in terms of luxury. Let’s know the many important things related to this train, which you will be surprised to know about …

India’s Luxury Train

This train is specially for tourists and it is traveled through the package, in which many places are visited and arrangements are made for bto stay in the train. There is also a food and drink bin the train’s package. There are reports that bullet trains can be between 3 thousand and 5 thousand rupees.

India's Luxury Train

Famous for luxury, this train is named Palace on Wheels. It travels to some Rajasthan cities and during this time the monarchy of the tourists is welcome and in monarchy style.

India's Luxury railroad

Featuring a castle, this train starts from Rs 51900. At the same time booking a package for two people, a passenger’s fare is 39 thousand rupees per night. In this, Super Deluxe rent is Rs. 1 lakh 8 thousand rupees. (This fare is as per peak season.)

For the foreign tourists, the fare is $ 865 and one night fare for the Deluxe package is $ 1800. (This fare is as per peak season.)

India's Luxury Train

This train package includes tours of many cities. On the first day in Delhi, Gulabi Nagari Jaipur on the second day, Chittorgarh on the third day, Udaipur on the fourth day, Jaisalmer on the fifth day, Jodhpur on the sixth day, Taajnagri Agra on the seventh day and on the eighth day to Delhi.

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For this package, the entire program is decided already, it is eaten in monarchy and there are rooms like palaces. Travelers traveling in this are like King-Maharaja.

It is a special thing in this train that the names of its coaches are not like other trains, while their names are also in the same way as the names of the cities. These coaches include Dhaulpur, Alwar, Bharatpur, Bundi, Dungargarh, Jaisalmer etc.