Chandni's film career

There are many stars in Bollywood who worked hard to get success. Activated actresses, many films, and even managed to make their own identity in Real Life. But there are some stars who got success, but suddenly went through the film world and glamorous life bye-bye.Today we are talking about Chandni’s film career.

Chandni’s Film Career

Chandni's film career

There are also a name of ‘Chandni‘ in those few stars. Once upon a time that the upstairs of the superstar like Salman had appeared but today he is away from the world of glamor. The special thing is that the moonlight that is missing in Bollywood is getting a lot of babroad. Last seen on screen on 1996.
Work done in 10 films

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If you have seen Salman’s film ‘b then you will remember the face of this actress. Their name is Chandni. ‘Sanam Bevfa‘ was debut film and was a huge hit. But even after tasting the superhit, Chandni’s film career did not go much further. Chandni worked in 10 films from 1991 to 1996, including ‘Sanam Bevfa’, but seeing the long list of unsuccessful films, he said goodbye to Bollywood.
Kareena-Karisma is the names of daughters.

Chandni's film career

Very few people will know that the real name of this actress is not moonlight. Chandni had his screen name while the real name is Navodit Sharma. But we know her by the name of Chandni. Chandni is the mother of two girls today, just left the country. Whose name is Kareena and Karisma. On the big screen, “On the big screen, Chandni was in the film ’HaHakar. She was also in the role of bin the 1993 release ‘1942: A Love Story‘.
Headlines getting abroad

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Chandni had a passion for dancing from childhood. Chandni was taking the training of Modern and Classical Dance from the age of five. If the career was not realize in films then he realize his dance’s dream. Chandni has now become a dance teacher. She runs a dance institute in Orlando. Apart from teaching dance, Chandni has also done several dance shows at the international level. Anonymity in Bollywood, moonlight is gathering great news abroad.