Sitting Long Time

Does your job force you to sit in an unattached place for an hour or more? If so, be careful. A research report has warned that those who are Sitting Long Time in a place.It can have an increased risk of death as compared to other people.

Sitting Long Time Causes

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Research findings have shown that people who sit for maximum time, i.e. 8 to 13 hours a day, have found that the risk of death was almost twice as high as 60 to 90 minutes. On the contrary, those who used to sit in one place. For less than 30 minutes, the risk of death was the lowest.

Monica Seyfard Professor of Wayel Cornell Medical Center said, “Research suggests . That sitting in one place for a long time is so dangerous for our health.”

Sitting Long Time

The research report has been published in ‘Anals of Internal Medicine’. The team monitors their hip-mounted activity for 7,985 people over the age of 45, for seven days.

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