Onion contains anti-bacterial

Onion is a very useful vegetable. There are antibacterial properties in it. It exits the toxic elements in blood.By making its vegetable, it decreases fever, hack and cholesterol. In old circumstances, the Egyptians routinely utilized onions and garlic to eat.. These sulfur smell comes from the intensity of sulfur. Vegetables that are most commonly eaten in the potato is the vegetable which is eaten onion, onions.Onion contains anti-bacterial properties¬†beneficial for health. So let’s know about the miraculous properties of onion …

Onion Contains Anti-Bacterial Properties

If you have problems with calculus, then onion is very beneficial for you. Mix onion juice with sugar and make her syrup, drink it, it will relieve the stone problems.
This is also the best medicine for the eyes. Calciani and Riboflavin Vitamin B are presentin abundance in onions.
Eating raw onion increases cholesterol levels. Onions and ginger juice are good for asthma patients. Eating onions make blood thinner and is considered good for liver disorders.
There are no two opinions in it that after eating onions, odor starts to smell, but this odor can remove by eating powdered leaves.
By eating onions prevents cancer cells from growing. There are more sulfur content in it. This sulfur stomach, breast, lung prevents prostate cancer.

If there is a problem of hair loss then love is very beneficial for you. Rubbing the onion juice at the place of falling hair will stop hair fall. Aside from this, dark hair begins coming while applying hair covering.
The fibers present on the onion are very beneficial for the stomach. If you have constipation problem, then add raw onions daily to the meal.

Reduce sore throat: If you are a victim of a problem like colds, cough or soreness, then drink onion juice. Mixing honey or honey in it will prove to be more beneficial.
Beneficiaries for Arthritis: If someone in your home has pain,So massage onion juice will be relaxing. Mixing onion juice with mustard oil gives relief from massage at that place.