Hairs are an important part of our beauty. If people do not have hair, then their beauty fades away. Especially, women are aware of their beauty with their long and beautiful hair, but due to their fall and breakdown, baldness comes in people. Most people affected to this disease. The key reason for this is that we have some of our own habits. Which we do not notice. Let us know, by changing the habits, we can stop our hair from falling and breaking and can get beautiful, long and strong hair.Here are reason behind hairfall.

Use of hair dryer

reason behind Hairfall

Using the hair to dry hair and set hair, the hair becomes weak. Which leads to hair loss. Try to prevent hair loss and breakdown, use it for as little as possible.

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Not paying attention to eating

Nutrients present in our diet also play an important role in making our hair strong and beautiful, but when our body is reduced, hair start lossing and breakdown. Therefore, we should also pay special attention to our food and drink. With its help, we can also prevent hair from falling and breaking.THis habbit play a mojor reason behind Hairfall.

Taking Bath with hot water

There are some people who take bath for 12 months hot or light lukewarm water. Hot water makes our hair weakened. So this is also a major reason for hair loss and breakdown.Your addiction to hot water is a reason behind Hairfall.

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The doctor says that those who are mostly in stress, they have more hair disorders. Therefore, staying away from stress can also make the hair beautiful and strong.