make life better

It is the biggest challenge to stay fit in this lively life.You know Asanas make life better Although this does not apply to lazy people, but it is important for those employed, professionals or any business to stay fit . So today we tell you just 3 asanas.

Bhujangasan To Make Life Better

First of all understand Bhujangasan. The fat gathers on the stomach. After doing this posture, not only will the stomach fat disappear, but the muscles of the hands and waist will also get strength, besides the body will remain flexible and make life better.

How To Do …

First, lie down directly on the stomach. Now hang your two hands under the forehead. After this, keep both your feet claws together. Then condition, move your forehead upwards, keep shoulders short, stretch long breath and stretch body too. After this, double lamps go.

This posture will make fit and fine and make life better

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Balaasan To Make Life Better

First of all, it is not possible for those suffering from pregnant women and knee problems. This posture also reduces stomach fat,muscle remains strong.

How To Do…

make life better

Be the first to knee strength. Now leave all the parts of the body on the anvil. Breath in and bend forward. Your chest should touch your thighs and the forehead should be touched on the ground. After being in this state for a few seconds, after returning from breath,come back to their state.

There is a bit difficult posture but there are lots of advantages

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Pashchimottanasan To Make Life Better

This posture is considered to be very effective for regularizing our digestion. It makes a difference to your kidneys, liver and pancreas. The direct impact of this posture lies on the fat of your stomach. If your stomach has come out, do this asana regularly, the difference will start to appear. People with back injury and diarrhea should not do this posture.

How to do

make life better

Lay on the mat on the back of the mat and then keep your feet in its own right. Now raise your both hands upwards, keep in mind that during this time your spinal cord is straight. Now lean towards forward while leaving your breath and dragging your belly inside. If you are doing this seat for the first time, you can turn your legs even if you wish. It is to be noted that no stretch of body is felt in the stretch. In the beginning, do this posture for 1 minute. Gradually increase its time.