Candy Crush while getting surgery

Only after listening to the name of the operation, get shivring. Sweat goes down on the faces of large sermons when they hear that their surgery will be done. But there is a child who performs laughing operation. The doctors were getting sweating by touching the most sensitive part of this girl but she was comfortable doing surgery on her uncle’s mobile playing Candy Crush while getting surgery.

Playing Candy Crush while getting surgery

Candy Crush while getting surgery

During the operation, he was in full embrace. By moving his hands and feet in the middle, he was convinced that doctors do not worry, I am absolutely right. The name of the child is Nandini and she reads in the fifth class. Nandini Bharatanatyam is also a dancer. One day suddenly he got dizzy. When the family came to the hospital, it was admitted. The checkup showed that the innocent head had dangerous tumors.

Why were the doctors’ hands and feet blossoming?

If it was not removed during the time, the left part of his body could also come in the grip of paralysis¬†. According to the Times of India report, on the advice of the hospital. The family members were ready to get the operation of Nandini. During this operation, the patient’s kernetomy is performed. In which the patient is unconscious and removed from the skull bone with the help of special tool. But Dr. Rupesh, who was operator of Nandini, wanted that the baby should not unconscious. Because half of the girl’s body could paralyze with a slight negligence.

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While doing so dangerous operation where doctors were in poor condition, Nandini was ready in every way. When Nandini’s family was scared, Nandini’s uncle remained there during the entire operation, which is a doctor himself. The operation was successful and now she is discharged . Nandini will soon start the practice of Bharatanatyam.