play against Pakistan

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was Captain Cool of Team India. But their shifts and testimony are that they are not cool. He is less speaking, but his calm feet are hidden like a lion. Team India selector MSK Prasad told a very special thing related to Dhoni’s motivation during one of the events, after which Dhoni and Team India’s fans got stunned.When He said play against Pakistan.

play against Pakistan

He will play against Pakistan

Prasad said that during the Asia Cup, India had a match against Bangladesh in Bangladesh, but before the match, Dhoni suffered a back injury while lifting the weight in the gym. Dhoni fall with the weight and he hit hard. It was good that the weight did not fall on them. Dhoni’s condition was such that he could not walk. They took him on the stretcher.

Due to Dhoni’s injury, the selector Prasad got in. The match was on the next day. When he went to Dhoni’s room and asked about his replacement, Dhoni asked not to worry.

And Prasad talked to Chief Selector Sandeep Patil about this, he asked Prasad to talk to Dhoni once more at night and talk about it.

Prasad went to the room of Dhoni and he was not there. Prasad saw that Dhoni was going towards the swimming pool, he was not able to walk properly, he was going away. In this condition, when he asked Dhoni to play in the match, Dhoni said that you do not worry.

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Prasad thought that when Dhoni is not able to walk, how can he play the match. So they groomed Parthiv Patel  for the match.

Prasad saw that Dhoni was ready to pack the pad before the announcement of Parthiv Patel’s name the next day. He called Prasad and said, ‘Why are you worry about this, If I will have even one leg I play against Pakistan.

After this, Team India played the match under Dhoni’s leadership and defeated Pakistan.

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