mistake, otherwise

There is no problem with our being single, but when the handsome boys talk about being single, then there is a question of CID in mind, mercy … Something is wrong! What do girls like to see what they see in boys, which the boys do not understand. To solve the problem of such people we have come, taking a treasure of things which the boys should not do, note, we are telling what is not to be done. There are many people do mistake, otherwise what to do.

Don’t do these mistake, otherwise…

Do not Show off price tag

mistake, otherwise


Look, girls are not avoided by the show-off, but only then, until they start showing off the show. Many boys, when approaching girls, start sacrificing their price tags. As if they were told that this was my watch … dad was brought from America … it was found cheap, only one lakh’s. While seeing the girl, it is understood that in the Palika Bazar of Delhi, the clock was getting in at Rs. 150 and it was charging online for 100 rupees and shipping.

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Look, brother, nowadays girls have written, read the price of all the items around the world from anywhere. If they really are impressed by any of your stuff then you will know about it. Do not irritate this by repeatedly showing the price tags of your goods. Most of the boys do not understand this finer thing, they are living in a perplexing way that girls do not need price tags, love is needed.Don’t do this mistake, otherwise you know.

Do not be ‘Brother’ on a date

It is okay to be protective but by being over protective, you make your date so that your sister is with you. Our fictional reporter Ram Bharoshi discussed the matter with many girls, the girls started shouting and saying that we care about our security. Boys over-reactive, forcibly like Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan. Meanwhile, a flutter snatched the purse of Memsabe. She shouted, but Ram Bharoshi did not say anything, thinking that the girl did not understand that the boy is trying to take mileage as over-protective.

Do not stare ‘other girls’

Girls like to have a good boy, but most of the boys do not know the difference between poor people and bindias. They begin to beat other girls repeatedly in front of their date. Seeing this, it starts eritating girls. Therefore, it will only benefit if you remain in law.

Attention Keeps Attention

If the boy is original, then girls tend to be more comfortable. But this does not mean that you forget the basic rules in front of the girl. Get out of place and start spreading in front of the girl, or start dancing at the public place. Nose-ear finger … so girls do not like, boys too. So, when you meet the girl, stay in the mood, do not pretend to be harshly real.

Do not try to take advantage of the opportunity

The most important and the last thing .. If the girl goes to some of you while Ignore your behavior, then do not take advantage of it. Do not do anything with the girl on the public place that she is unacceptable. Many times it is seen that the boys start at public place. They feel that no one is watching them. The truth is that even if you do not make any notice, but in such a time, it definitely does notices.

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