31 kg tumor found

In Mexico, a woman’s stomach has a strange case of extracting a tumor. The doctor took out 31 kg tumor found after working with the stomach of this woman, while on seeing the woman, doctors felt that she was pregnant and could have about 10 children in her womb. But when the doctors did his operation, his senses were blown away.

31 kg tumor found in her womb

According to the Daily Mail news, the 24-year-old woman was operated in the Mexican General Hospital. Dr. Eric Henson, the surgeon, told that the woman was on dieting, yet her weight was increasingly rising. In under a year, her stomach developed so enormous, as though there were 10 kids in the womb. But in investigation they discoverd a big tumor in her stomach.

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According to doctors, due to such a large tumor. the internal part of the womb of the stomach had also suffered heavy losses. Tumor spread to 95 percent of the stomach. They afraid that there is poisonous fluid inside the lump, which is very harmful to the body.

31 kg tumor found

According to Dr. Hanson, I have done many operations and have seen many major cases of Tumer, but did not see larger tumors 31 kg tumor found. Surgery of such large tumors is very risky. They claim that such a large tumor has never removed by stomach in the world. We neither boiled the lump nor rotated it.

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They tell that performed in they year 1902, 145 kg of tumor. They tumor pulled out was after several days of surgery. Although doctors say that most of the tumors in the uterus are not harmful. After surgery, the woman is completely fine.