Goldfish live without oxygen

Goldfish live without oxygen for months london. Scientists have made a big disclosure about Goldfish. According to the scientists, when the reservoirs accumulate in more winter, the fish living in them keep themselves alive by meeting the lack of oxygen through alcohol.

How can Goldfish live without oxygen

In fact, scientists from the University of Oslo University and Liverpool say that when the upper surface of the ponds becomes snow in the winter of the accelerating storm.

Then there is a decrease in oxygen in the water below it. In such a case, to keep itself alive, Goldfish starts transforming lactic acid into ethanol into their body .

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This ethanol spreads around their gills and keeps them from shaping dangerous lactic corrosive in their body. In this way Goldfish and other fishes of this breed survive for several months during winter.

Goldfish live without oxygen

According to the study, in the worst winter in Northern Europe, when the upper surface of the reservoir is completely frozen for months and the oxygen in the water is almost finished. So the amount of alcohol in the blood of these fish goes up to 50 milligrams per 100 millimeters.

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