bizarre forest poland

There are some strange events happening in the world, but very often it happens that we  see something strange in nature. Today we are going to tell about such a strange nature of nature. Actually, we are talking about the cold bizarre forest poland. Approximately 400 trees in this forest of Poland are bend on right angles. These trees make angles of 90 degrees base. This forest is  near Nave Tsaranovo village, you will surprise to see.

Bizarre forest Poland

According to the report, these trees before the beginning of World War II . After this three to nine feet bends, the like moves upwards. There are many reasons behind such trees. Someone tells the work of people coming from other planets, then some people say that in this part of the earth, gravitational force is more than other places of earth. Not only this,the trees are  twisted through the influence of tanks passing through during the second world war.

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