Last 100 years This family flying Airplanes – Today Indians

Last 100 years This family flying Airplanes – Today Indians

In a family, Engineers, Doctors, Politicians, or Actors are seen, but all the people of the family feel that it is strange to just fly the plane. This family has quality pedestal Pilates. Grandson, Grandchildren and their children, all walk out to the sky and make the passengers. Simply put, the pilot’s jersey has become the hallmark of this family. They believe that ‘flying a plane’ is in their blood.

This family named Bhasin has been in this profession for the past Three Decades. Firstly, this family started the journey to become a pilot in 1954. Captain Jaidev first decided to go to Indian Airlines. After this the post got his son Rohit. Rohit was married to Nivedita Jain, who herself was also a Pilot.

Last 100 years This family flying Airplanes

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At the age of 26, Nivedita had become the youngest captain of the world to fly the Jet. According to Nivedita, who has been experiencing more than three decades of flying, ‘perhaps from the age of six or seven, she attracted flying.

When Nivedita became the pilot of Indian Airlines, she was only 20 years old. At 33, he became the world’s largest airplane Airbus-300 commander. Today her son Rohan runs ‘Commander Boing 777‘ and he has been in Air India for 10 years. Her 26-year-old daughter Niharika is a pilot in Indigo.

This family has set itself a separate record. This family believes that the legacy inherited is to be taken forward.

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