Arvind Kejriwal

The roar of people, Anna Hazare sitting on hunger and the resonant shout of Bharat Mata. Something like this was that Anna‘s movement against corruption started from 2011, Anna’s movement against corruption.

At that time, the attention of everyone else was noticed on the other side of the stage. Through the media, everybody in the city and the country was welcomed that it was Arvind Kejriwal. There were earlier government officials, where the job was not felt.

After resigning, they started working for the right to information. Now are associated with Anna’s movement.

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But Anna’s movement did not reach the point where they wanted to reach. Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal and his colleagues together formed the Aam Aadmi Party. First contested, not a complete majority, but Kejriwal became the chief minister.

Arvind Kejriwal

Then resigned to Benaras and contested Lok Sabha elections against Modi. Lost and returned to Delhi again. This time, the Delhiites made the Chief Minister by giving a huge majority.

Kejriwal wins in Delhi and prevents Modi‘s victory chariot here. Since then, he has been challenging Prime Minister Modi. He also sharply criticized Modi on many issues. Though for some days Kejriwal is away from media headlines but political analysts believe that he is now more serious about his role.

Since the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are not far away. That is why they can become a challenge for Modi’s victory chariot. How the hell Read on to know this analysis.

‘Congress’ vote bank ‘AAP’

While the BJP‘s traditional vote bank was united by Modi‘s arrival, the trend of Congress voters started moving towards ‘AAP‘. Delhi elections proved to be its biggest and first laboratory.

If Kejriwal puts his candidates in the Lok Sabha elections in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections after giving better governance in Delhi, and if the condition of the Congress remains the same, then the traditional vote bank of Congress can come in the balance of ‘AAP‘.

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Why Kejriwal is important?

Of course, Kejriwal is a fierce political opponent of Modi but he is not even charged with any corruption. Like Modi, his image is an honest, hardworking, belligerent leader. If Kejriwal touches the BJP against the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Modi will not get the issue of at least corruption to easily surround him.

If honesty holds the importance of a voter, then in his choice, Kejriwal can also be included in Modi.

Modi can get the challenge

PM Modi will have very few issues on which he can ask for accounting with Kejriwal. There is also a disadvantage that Modi can not directly charge Kejriwal, because in such a case Kejriwal’s name will be in the headlines.

They will comment on the Congress. Kejriwal, on the other hand, has several issues to cover Modi, on which his opinion would want to hear the country.

It would be interesting to fight

Modi comes from a common backdrop which has set a long journey and a path to struggle till becoming the Prime Minister. The general public likes the faces coming from the general family.

At the same time, Kejriwal may be from a upper middle class family, but he fought as a social worker and Anna movement, he is fresh in the minds of the people. They wear formal dresses and are simply fans of simplicity. Like Modi, they are stream flowing and efficient speakers.

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In such a situation, if Kejriwal has decided to challenge Modi once again in 2019, the fight will be very interesting.

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