90 Year Grandmother Jumped

90 Year Grandmother Jumped – Today Indians

90 Year Grandmother Jumped – Today Indians

Our changing life style is moving our average age figures rapidly. We treat sick people with 60 years of age as healthy. But the body takes old age in its possession. By the age of 90, there is only waiting for the rest, but there are some people on the earth whose age is just numbers and nothing more than that.

Amy, who lives in Kingston, London, has been 90 years old and has done so, that the eyes and tongue of the viewers came out.

Amy jumped from 13 thousand feet height on her birthday. Their purpose was to raise 47 thousand rupees of donations and their exploits gave them 80 thousand rupees.

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The money raised by Amy jumping from a height of 13 thousand feet will be given to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity Hospital. Amy’s 56-year-old daughter was treated in the same hospital in 2015. His daughter had breast cancer.

How She Got Idea –

Amy’s grandson Tom, 30, made a ski dive on his birthday last year. From here, Amy also got the idea. She wanted to do something for that hospital, where her daughter was treated. Amy has three children, 8 grandchildren and 11 grandchildren.

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