Excessive Sweating Cause Problem

Excessive Sweating Cause Problem – Today Indians

Excessive Sweating Cause Problem – Today Indians

You are quite troubled by sweating from the body in the heat and humid weather. So many people continue to drink empty water on getting rid of sweat, but do you know that due to excessive sweating, you may face many problems. Yes, by getting too much sweating, you can affect the problems of dizziness, feeling weakness, low-BP etc.

To avoid these problems, do not drink only plain water but also use lemonade, soda water. In case of excessive sweating, doctors ask for advice and check. Along with it, you also recommend making salt.

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Put ice on the part of body that exerts excess sweat. If there is a lot of weakness in sweating, contact the doctor immediately. Use lemon and soda in water to avoid BP, Dizziness. You can also drink fruit juice with it. Along with the existing water in the market, eat plenty of fruits. Also try to wear less silk clothes.

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