Narendra Modi poor move hits 20 million poor stomach

Modi poor move hits 20 million poor stomach

The Modi government claims to be the messiah of the poor all the time, but if Amit Shah speaks in the language, then the claim is nothing more than just a single electoral and fraud! By looking at the way the BJP government is making its policies, it seems that this government has planned to remove the poor from the country to remove poverty.

Modi poor move hits 20 million poor stomach – Today Indians

What is the Modi government going to do

Yes, now this government is telling people that you have no income, you were living with subsidy given by the government and now the waist of the common people is being broken in the name of ending subsidy! After doing all this, how did this government live in the poor? This government has nothing to do! There is no control over inflation, there is no systematic method for the poor!

What oil companies ordered

Indian Oil

For your information, please tell that the government has now issued an order to increase the subsidy on the kitchen cylinders for the oil companies every month! It is heard that the government is going to increase by 4 rupees every month! This Government has the intention that till March of the year, any subsidy on LPG is available, it will end! Please also tell you that this government had earlier asked Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Indian Oil to raise the subsidized domestic gas cylinder (14.2 kg) every month to 2 rupees!

Minister of Petroleum spoken in the Lok Sabha

Dharmendra Pradhan

Dharmendra Pradhan, appointed as Petroleum Minister in the Modi government, has written in a written reply in the Lok Sabha that the price hike was doubled to eliminate the subsidy! Pradhan further said that in July, the subsidy of Rs 86.54 on LPG was getting on every cylinder!

LPG Gas Cylinder

There are about 18.11 crore people who take advantage of subsidy in the country, of which around 2.5 million poor women are also there, if there is increase in prices then they will be burdened!

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Mamta says Modi attacks

Mamta Banarjee

Keeping her view in this matter, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, while expressing her opinion while attacking Modi, said that “BJP only cares for money and not the people.” She said that the promises made by the BJP to the people are now they are overturning those promises and they do not care about the people.

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Mamta Banerjee tweeted, “The BJP will make good promises from the people first and then it turns away from its promises. This government is simply concerned about money. ”

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