Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, worlds large temple located in Cambodia which previously called as Cambodesh. Here, 27 Kings ruled in many of the centuries. King Suryavarman built this worlds beautiful temple in the 12th century for impressing the Hindu God. King Suryavarman built this Amazing Temple in the desire to become Immortal. Here in this temple Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all three gods were worshiped. King Suryavarman was belong to Khamer Empire.

Angkor Wat

This Temple enveloping a territory of around 500 sections of land (200 hectares), Angkor Wat is one of the biggest religious landmarks ever built. Initially worked as a Hindu sanctuary committed to the God Vishnu, it was changed over into a Buddhist sanctuary in the fourteenth century, and statues of Buddha were added to its officially rich fine art.

Beauty Of Angkor Wat

During this, there were huge attacks on the Khamer Empire as well as om the Angkor Wat and in the end of the 15th century the chapter of Angkor Wat was lost. From 15th to 19th century, followers of Buddhism care this temple that’s why this temple could not get more damage.

Front Near Look Angkor Wat

Then in the middle of 19th century, a Fransis Archaeologists and a Nature Scientists Henry Mahot searched this Large Temple. From 1986 to 1993 Indian Archaeological Survey Dept. took charge of this large temple.

This large, Angkor Wat Temple is fully connected with the religions of Hindu and Buddhism. Cambodia Country is also filled with the statues of God Buddha, we can easily find the statue in many places of Cambodia. This will also proves that there were the huge number of the followers of Buddhism. The walls of this Large Temple beautifully defines the stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat also.

Angkor Wat Texture

The most amazing thing about this Temple is, this temple is visited by more than 10 lakh persons each year from worldwide. The texture of this amazing temple centuries ago, reflecting the old memories.

The biggest question which come everyone’s mind that , How this Large Temple was built. Now, in today’s world even the imagination of building this type of Temple is very difficult. Many Temples were also built centuries ago, but this is the worlds largest Temple which is dedicated to God Vishnu.

Angkor Wat Dedicated to God Vishnu