Here we bring you the 10 most easiest ways to get your Dream Girl.

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1. Make Confident Yourself

Make sure you look like a gentlemen. Get a good haircut, as a gentlemen and be talkative. One of the creepiest things is when a man talks to a woman or a boy talks to a  girl and automatically lowers his voice in submission, exposing his lack of confidence.

2. Be Yourself

Being yourself means show who you really are by exposing yourself. Avoid the temptation of building a fake ‘perfect’ image, and let her learn who you really are.

3. Show Interest In Her

Don’t talk more about yourself; talk about her. Your conversation topic will be must taken care of her. If you do this then she will definitely acknowledge your interest.

4. Pay her a Heartfelt Compliment

It’s not more difficult. First thing you must think about what you like the best about her. It could be her dressing style, her smile or whatever you like the most. Pay a little bit attention on your words when passing the compliment. Pay her a gentle compliment and keep eye contact when you say it.

5. Make Her Feel Special

Find out little ways to let her know that you think she is an unique person, and she will definitely notice. Texts her and make her feel good by taking about her best qualities, asks about her hobbies, music, favorite food, etc. Go out of your way to help her.

6. Drop Hints

Once you feel you found someone you are interested in, tell mutual friends that you like her.

7. Make Her Laugh

Girls love people who have a good sense of humor, and have a capability to make her laugh. Try being funny by being yourself. Smile, laugh and enjoy your time with her. Tell her a funny story or make a funny face.

8. Care A Lot And Show It

If you want to win her heart, you must show that you deeply care about her health and welfare. Go out of your way to help her.

9. Approach Like A Gentlemen

Be Confident, direct and tactful. Speak in an educated vocabulary and tone of voice. Gentlemen’s words flow and his voice is soothing, deep and relaxed.

10. Admit You Like Her

Be confident. When you tell someone how you feel, it is important to show confidence. Once you are pretty sure that this is your Dream Girl then ask her to be your girlfriend. Don’t panic when you admit your feelings. You can do this in a creative way like send her some anonymous flowers or simply ask her in person. Never ask this by text or chat.