The most awaited film ‘Kabali‘ is released on 3 am on Friday in a theatre of Chennai. Rajnikanth is the Superstar Of South Indian Film Industry and this Superstar have Huge Fan Following from all over the world. Kabali is released on 5000 Screens in all over the world. All the audiences are crazy about this most popular film.

All the fans of Rajnikanth are making celebration of release like a Festival. All of the shows of Kabali in all Cinemas are Houseful. Many of the people are booked their tickets for 2 to 3 shows for Enjoying this movie 2 to 3 times. Kabali makes blast on all the Cinema Screens and also won the hearts of all the Audiences.

Here we bring some Crazy fans who applies Kabali Livery on their Cars,

An die hard Fan decorates his Lamborghini with Kabali Poster to showing his love to Rajnikanth. Fan are really crazy about Rajnikanth. This Lamborghini is looking very fabulous like Kabali is Running on the Streets. He also write on the front of car i.e. “I want to give this Car to you.”


An another crazy fan applies the livery of Kabali on his Innova Car. This Innova is also looking amazing like as anybody opens the door of car then there will be Rajnikanth. This is also looking fabulous and they prove Rajnikanth is the Real Hero.


Moreover, another Craziest fan also applies Kabali livery on his Swift Car and named his Car as Kabali edition. This amazing edition Swift also looking beautiful.


The only word is now going in everybody’s Mind is Kabali. This will be the most popular film ever. Hope, this movie will break all the previous records of Indian Cinema.

Before release, all the audiences was in the Intoxication of this movie and this movie’s teaser also have around 3 crore views which is a huge limit of any Trailer View. If trailer can break many of the records then we cant think what this movie can do.

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