Save Girl Child

An amazing offer is started by a city-based hospital named ‘Sindhu Hospital’ that if New Born Baby is Girl then you do not have to pay any Fee for delivery. Even all the registration fee will also refund by the Hospital. Its really a big step by the Hospital which is run by ‘Sindhu Sewa Samaj’ is located in Gujrat. This amazing step will make a great change in country.

More than 150 registration for free delivery is already done which would cost around ‘Rs. 7000’ for Normal Delivery and ‘Rs. 20000’ for ‘c-Section.’ The Hospital is Waiving off the charges in order to enhance the child sex ratio which is currently 890 girls per 1000 boys. The parents of New Girl Baby Born will feel proud to have a Girl Child. This amazing initiative will enhance the awareness to have a Girl Child is a Proud.

Save Girl Child

Our today’s nation is like if a Girl Child is born then there will be no celebration, no sweets but if a Boy Child is born then there will be huge Celebration , wishes, sweets and more. This hospital tells the people that, “its a time to celebrate on arrival of daughter. The whole country as well as the whole community needs to celebrate on Birth Of a Girl.”

When we want A Mother, A sister, A wife why not a Baby Girl. TodayIndians team salutes ‘Sindhu Sewa Samaj’ to make a lot of change in country and enhance the awareness about ‘Save Girl Child.’ 

Today, girls are not less than boys, they are also achieving huge success with their hard work and their parents also feels proud. Hope, this amazing start from ‘Sindhu Sewa Samaj’ will make a lot of change and there will be huge celebration even on birth of a Girl Child.

A Girl Child Brings Joy, She Is No Less Than Boy.

Please, stop Female foeticide… Save Girl Child.