Music Wall

Almost everybody in Modern World is crazy about Music. Everybody have choices of listening Music but this experience will overcome on all the Choices. An amazing and shocking Wall that makes Music during Rain Fall. Yes! this is the reality that an amazing wall named as ‘Kunsthofpassage Funnel Wall’ located in Dresden, Germany.

This is an amazing art designed by the Artists Annette Paul, Christoph Robner and Andre Tempel with a Funky Blue Colour. This ‘Music Wall’ consists of some Funnels and Gutters that turns into the Musical Instruments when the rain Falls.


This Wall is beautifully designed with Funnels and Gutters that also looks like amazing instruments. The Art and the Colour of the wall is really attractive that anybody when see this Music Wall will remain shocked for Sometime. Some another buildings near this Music Wall also beautifully designed by Artists. This is an amazing Art as well an Tremendous Engineering to turn the Pipes into the Music Instruments.

As the Rain Fall started an really amazing sound started coming from these Funnel and Gutters and this Wall turns into an ‘Music Wall.’ A great experience for all the Music Lovers that like Never Feel Before. The Music Lovers who wants to feel the Music at a New Level then this will be the Better place for them.


When we deeply feel this Music, we forget all about the world and the only thing is in our Mind is the Music coming from these Instruments. These instruments are durable because these also helps to flow the Water as well as give a New Level Experience of the Music. In modern World, new inventions are invented day by day but this is the new level invention to experience the Music.

These artists are having creative mind and TodayIndians team salutes these artists for making this type of tremendous Art.

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