In modern world almost everybody have a Smartphone. We all knew that Smartphone’s Battery doesn’t have longer Backup and we need it to again charging our phone after some time. So, here the ways of Charging which can Harm your phone Battery as well as the Life of Your Phone;

Charging After 100%,

Sometimes we forget to Unplug the Charger from phone even after Full Charge. The charging after Full Charge or after 100% can harm your battery life. Long time Charging of your Phone can decrease your Smartphone’s Life also. So a little bit awareness can save your Smartphone’s battery life.


Unplug your Charger from Phone when phone is Fully-Charged. An another way given below can also harm your Phone and can decrease the Life of your Smartphone.

Charging With Different-Different Charger,

Charging your Mobile Phone with different-different charger can also harm the battery life of your Mobile Phone. Charge your phone only with charger came-up with your phone or the original Charger if replaced. So, keep the little bit attention while charging your phone with an different charger.


Hope, this will helps in your busy Schedule and will keep your Phone’s life Longer. Share it with your Friends because ‘Sharing Is Caring.’

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