Ranveer Singh

Salman Khan got angry on Ranveer because Ranveer Singh dancing on ‘Baby ko Bass Pasand Hai’ at the Cinema while watching Sultan in Paris. Sultan Salman Khan said the actor Ranveer were not seeing the movie, but they distract the people from the movie by showing their dance.

Indeed, for the shooting of Befikre Ranveer was in Paris. Ranveer Singh went to theatre to see Sultan and there Ranveer Singh also do dance on the Song in theatre.

Thats why Salman in funny mood said,

I want to break chair at the head of Ranveer. He is not seeing the movie and also distract the people by his dance.

This statement is said by Salman only in funny mood and hope Ranveer is also taking as fun.

Lets have a look at dance of Ranveer in this Video;