Man Lying On Railway Track

Meet a man who have no fear of loosing his life and takes a risk of lying on Railway Track. A video is shared in which a man lying on railway track and the train passed over him.

The driver of the train was continuously Honking to warn to man to get away from the railway track. But that man has no fear and he drops down on his Knees and start waiting for train to come close. The train was in the high speed and came to close in some seconds. As the train come closer to hit, this fearless man falls onto his stomach.


This whole life risk is caught on Camera and the Camera man was in the fear while shooting this life risk adventure. The man remained on the track for more than 10 seconds until the train passed by.

When the train completely passed over him, then this fearless man got excited and screamed that he escaped from risk safely.


Here is the Video of this Life Risk Adventure;

This adventure might have kill him but he shows guts and he done it very safely.