If you think that now your Old Phone is waste and you will not get the best price for it then you are Wrong. If you use some professional skills then you will get the best price for your old phone. Day by day New Smartphones are launching that’s why after some time your phone will gets old.


So if your phone is old and having in working condition then we gonna tell you some smart tips which will help you in selling your Old Phone in Best Price.

1. First of all carefully keep your phone. Or we can say that keep your phone away from scratches on screen as well as on other side of phone because by this phone will looks old.

2. When selling your phone online, then put the the best pictures of your phone because if your phone looks pretty good then the customer will attract and respond you.

3. Before selling your phone, first of all search everywhere on the internet wherever you got the best deal sell your phone there.

4. Whatever the model of your phone; sell your phone before launching the latest model of your mobile phone. Because now your phone is of latest model that will attract the most customers. This will help you in selling your phone at attractive price.

5. Tell about the best features of your phone that will also attract the customers.

6. Keep safely the box of your phone as well as other accessories. This will also increase the value of your phone and you will get the best price of your phone.